Contest: Name the NMWA Blog!

Welcome to the brand new NMWA blog! At least, that’s what we’re calling it for now… until you come up with a better name. Submit your idea for our blog name as a comment on this post. The winner will receive:

  • two free museum passes,
  • a spotlight on the blog, and
  • bragging rights!

The deadline  is Tuesday, June 30th and the winner will be revealed on Monday, July 6th – the blog’s official debut. Good luck and have fun – we’re looking forward to your ideas!

What to look forward to on NMWA’s blog:

  • Behind the scenes peeks into the workings of the museum
  • NMWA exhibitions and events
  • Education and public programs updates
  • Highlights from the collection
  • News and spotlights on women artists
  • Much, much more as we think of it!

0 thoughts on “Contest: Name the NMWA Blog!

  1. Can you tell us more about what you’ll be covering here on the blog? Will the focus be your own exhibits, for example, or female artists more generally? That will help inform the name…

  2. Great question! We’re going to cover everything from exhibitions to women artists to arts news. Check the (now updated) post for more details.

  3. How about X2ArtBlog.
    (my idea comes from the fact that women have 2 ‘X’ chromosomes)

    The ‘2’ could be in the ‘squared’ position or adjacent to the ‘X.

  4. I think it should be called ‘Artistic Wiles’!

    The NMWA exists due to great woman who have left a mark in the Arts using their Artistic Wiles rather than their Feminine Wiles!

  5. Are you collecting name requests here? There doesn’t appear to be any other spot on this site to submit ideas.

    Mine is: SheArt

  6. I’d like to suggest Kleio.
    She was the muse of history, which is appropriate and I just like how the name *looks*.

  7. That’s easy: Artemesia. The logo could be a sprig of Tarragon. Artfully rendered, of course. One needs not mention Gentileschi. She is inferred.

  8. I have a few ideas, I hope it’s ok to leave more than one 🙂

    Women Speak Arts
    A Pictures’ Worth
    NMWA Vox

  9. Here are a few –

    Women’s Brush & Pen
    A Brush with Women
    Women’s Art Talk
    Color, Art & Women
    A Woman’s Canvas
    Canvas of Women
    Clio Chat
    American Muses
    Journal of Women & The Arts
    Women’s Words on the Arts
    Women in the Arts ~ Show & Tell
    Women’s Art ~ Home at Last
    Women’s Work ~ Let’s Talk
    Let’s Talk About Women’s Work
    Broad Strokes
    Women: Read, Write, Paint
    Women Write & the Arts

  10. My earlier one was a typo, it should have read:

    Nature, Nurture, and NMWA

  11. Arts Beat
    NMWA News
    Womens Words
    Womens Wisdom
    NMWA Network
    Feminine Voice
    Womens Web
    Women on the Web