Member Spotlight: Zoe Nicholson

That's Zoe on the right.

That’s Zoe on the right.

Meet Zoe Nicholson, a passionate author, activist, and speaker who gave the NMWA blog its snappy new name! It just so happens that she is a member of the museum, but she also belongs to the ERA Roundtable, NOW, and the Veteran Feminists of America. She has owned and operated her own bookstore, joined in a 37 day fast for the Equal Rights Amendment, and has published her memoirs. Naturally, we think Zoe should speak to her feelings about women’s art herself:

“No one could be more excited than me about winning the NMWA Blog contest.  I am a member of the museum, but more importantly, I love women’s art. I speak in schools and organizations about women’s rights and I begin the talk about women and the arts.  I talk about the Louvre, the Musee D’Orsay and the shocking absence of women’s work.

“I grieve. I grieve for all the women who could not afford oil and canvas.  I grieve for all the women whose passion called them to paint with what they could get; natural vegetable dye on perishable surfaces.  I grieve for all the women who wanted to paint but had no time.  I grieve for all the female leaders whose ethics disqualify them from national American politics and cannot amass the money required to run a campaign.  I grieve for all the women who long for justice.”

Zoe has written about NMWA in the past – head over to her blog, Online With Zoe and see!

0 thoughts on “Member Spotlight: Zoe Nicholson

  1. YAY Zoe! It’s good to see your smiling face. So is this the new guerrilla marketing tactic that I’ve heard so much about?

  2. Hi Zoe, Great blog. Love the title. Is it broad strokes such as wide strokes or Broad such as a bunch of Old Broads? From a Baudy Old Broad.

  3. Oh how delightful. I remember visiting Zoe’s blog a while back and enjoying it, so it is cool to see the face behind the name of the blog.

    Off to visit Zoe’s blog 🙂

  4. Zoe never fails to amaze me!.. I know she is involved passionantly in many causes., and interested and knowledgeble about so much of cultural and political value, but didn’t know she had a bookstore!…

  5. Zoe, Congratulations on having your title chosen for the NMWA blog. “Broad strokes” is brilliant, capturing the fact that this is a newsletter containing women’s writing (stroke of the pen) about women’s art (brush strokes). The wit and cleverness of the new title is so you! The title and your personal statement lets those who don’t know you see two of your many sides and qualities – wit and whimsey mixed with a powerful passion for women’s rights.

  6. Zoe gave me a box of her books to pass out to students at UC Berkeley. Then she came to campus to meet everyone and talk about the ERA! I have many of her crafty art cards…my favorite reads: “Remember…Love is the Answer.”

    Way to go Zoe and way to go NMWA!