Veteran's Day: Women's Monument

Have some time to do a little rainy-day Veteran’s Day sightseeing in the DC area? Here’s a couple of spots highlighting women and their contributions to military service – and making memorials, too!

Vietnam Women’s Memorial, Washington, DC

Dedicated in 1993, the Vietnam Women’s memorial honors the 265,000 women who served in the armed forced and the nearly 10,000 women in combat during the Vietnam War. An unknown number of civilian women also served with non-profit organizations and media correspondents. Eight women died in combat, and more than 50 civilian women were killed.The memorial’s foundation has a project called Sister Search for these women to seek one another out, network, bond, and document their stories. The memorial itself was sculpted by Glenna Goodacre, the award-winning artist who designed the Sacajawea gold dollar coin.

Women in Military Service for America Memorial, Arlington, VA

This memorial, located in the ceremonial entrance to the Arlington National Cemetery, honors the 2.5 million women who have served in the United States Military throughout the country’s history. The memorial opened to the public in 1997, and the Memorial’s foundation continues to seek out servicewomen to share their stories and photos for the interactive database located on site at the memorial. The design was created by Marion Gail Weiss and Michael Manfredi as the winners of a national competition to find designs for the memorial.

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Washington, DC

The famous wall of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, honoring the nearly 60,000 soldiers killed in the war, was designed by artist Maya Ying Lin. She was born in Athens, Ohio, to immigrant Chinese parents who fled the rule of Mao Tse-Tung. The memorial sits in alignment with the Washington Monument in the east and the Lincoln Memorial to the west; its polished granite surface reflects visitors and the landscape alike, creating a quiet atmosphere.