On the Second Day of Turkish…Nevin Aladağ

Nevin Aladağ, Raise the Roof, 2007, Video, 9 minutes

That is exactly what four women did in the performance piece Raise the Roof by Nevin Aladağ (b. 1972). Perched on platforms of tar, equipped with stiletto heels and headphones, the women danced vivaciously to different songs played through their headphones. While the women were unified, dancing together on a rooftop, they each made their own marks on the tar they danced upon, leaving a permanent and distinct pattern of footprints. This piece comments on a woman’s ability to be part of something communal while maintaining individuality. The dancer’s freedom of expression was declared through their unique movements and tempos. Come see this work and others by Aladağ in the exhibition A Dream…but not Yours: Contemporary Art From Turkey at NMWA. Raise the Roof will remind you to dance to your own beat!

About the Author- Breezy Diether is currently an education intern at NMWA.