On the Fifth Day of Turkish…Canan Tolon

Blanking Out, 2007, acrylic and oil on canvas, 86.6 x 51.2 in.

Blanking Out is considerably different from the rest of the pieces in A Dream…but not Yours: Contemporary Art from Turkey. Canan Tolon’s work is an enigma in itself, attempting to depict psychological content limited by physical space. Born in 1955 in Istanbul, Tolon is a painter and installation artist currently living and working in Emeryville, California. Her architecture background plays a role in her compositions, especially in Blanking Out which consisting of four panels of loose black and white grids, Tolon’s main interest is the concept of space, how it is visualized, treated, politicized, imagined, and remembered. Blanking Out represents a landscape after destruction and reminds me of the disarray of post-Minimalism and the contemporary symbolism used by Anselm Kiefer.

Take a closer look at Tolon’s work on February 12th in our second floor galleries!

About the Author- Ali Printz is currently an intern in the Library and Research Center at NMWA