Teachers Connect Wrap Up – Great Success!

NMWA’s first ever weeklong Summer Institute last week was a wonderful success. Teachers Connect introduced classroom and art teachers–as well as librarians and reading specialists–to NMWA’s Art, Books, and Creativity curriculum which uses artists’ books to improve literacy and teach subjects including science and social studies. Participants created pop-up, accordian, and landscape books, experimented with watercolors and oil pastels, learned about the Visual Thinking Strategies technique, and were provided with art supplies to use in their classrooms.
We hope the participants will empower and inspire their students with their new skills! Visit http://www.artbookscreativity.org/ to learn more!

Teachers use VTS to talk about Rosa Bonheur's "Highland Raid" and expand student vocabulary.

Participants practiced the Visual Thinking Strategies technique in the galleries. This group discussed Jennie Augusta Brownscombe's "Love's Young Dream."

The VTS method encourages deep looking and improves critical thinking. Teacher reflected on Rose Wylie's "Lords and Ladies."

The Teacher Institute participants created artwork--called whovilles--based on Dr. Seuss illustrations, focusing on color and different types of lines.

The educators creates a variety of artists' books during the Summer Institute.

Teachers familiarized themselves with NMWA's Art, Books, and Creativity website during the Summer Institute.

Participants explored online art education resources that they can use in the classroom.Metropolitan DC area educators pose for a final group photo--what a successful week!

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  1. Excellent.. great photos, looks like the workshop was well attended and very successful. Very nice innovative program that will translate into fun programs for children.
    ALSO…. love your web page “purple paint on canvas” background.

    WIPI Curator
    Women In Photography International

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