The Junior League Lends a Helping Hand

One of the most enjoyable parts of my job is working with our volunteers. Volunteers at NMWA give tours, staff the information desk, assist with public programs and work with different departments. I recently met with the Junior League of Washington NMWA committee for our 2010 kick-off meeting. Around the table were fifteen ladies from all around DC, each of whom was pledging her valuable time to support NMWA and its mission.

The members of the Junior League of Washington at NMWA.

NMWA wouldn’t have our fantastic volunteer corps without the Junior League of Washington (JLW). Before the New York Avenue museum space was opened, the JLW generously donated funds to create a volunteer program. The museum was able to hire a coordinator who organized docent-led tours of Founder Wilhelmina Holladay’s Georgetown home. When the museum moved to its present location, the volunteer program expanded and now includes more than one hundred dedicated individuals (some who remember giving those tours in Georgetown!).

The JLW has often provided much needed resources to the museum. In recent years, they have supplied the Education Department with a projector which allows us to bring the museum to various groups outside our walls and tables so that programs (including our teen Role Model Workshops and Teachers Connect Summer Institute) have spaces to work. As program and event volunteers they present a fabulous face to attendees of our Spring Gala, Shenson Chamber Music Concerts, and literary series.

Members of the Junior League at their recent meeting at NMWA.

Welcome to the new JLW committee members and welcome back to the veterans. The special relationship between NMWA and JLW has improved the ability of the museum to serve its audiences and as a staff member who works directly with the JLW ladies I know we couldn’t do without you. Thank you!

-Elizabeth Keaney is Assistant Educator at the National Museum of Women in the Arts.

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  1. Hi Elizabeth,

    Thank you for writing such a wonderful article. All of us in the Junior League truly appreciate all of the support NMWA provides us.

    Diane Lebson
    Cultural Community Placements Director
    Junior League of Washington

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