Win NMWA’s Tiny Folio! Guess the Number of Women Artists in Janson’s History of Art

After learning about Dutch painter Clara Peeters while traveling in Europe in the 1960s, Wilhelmina Holladay, NMWA’s founder, looked up the artist in Janson’s History of Art. She referenced Janson’s because she understood that it was a classic, widely used survey of Western art. However, not only was Peeters not listed, there were no women included in the textbook at all. In fact, female artists made their Janson’s debut in 1986—a year before NMWA opened its doors on New York Avenue.

Now in its eighth edition, the cover of Janson’s Basic History of Western Art features the work of Artemisia Gentileschi. But how many women are inside? Correctly guess the number of women artists currently included in Janson’s and win a Tiny Folio, a gift book featuring highlights from NMWA’s permanent collection!

Cover image of Tiny Folio

Submissions may be made by email to Submissions must be received by 5 p.m. EST on Tuesday, June 21. The winner will be selected at random from all correct entries.

—Elizabeth Keaney is the assistant educator at the National Museum of Women in the Arts

4 thoughts on “Win NMWA’s Tiny Folio! Guess the Number of Women Artists in Janson’s History of Art

  1. if it was the orginal one there were NO women ! I’m sure they have updated since the 1970’s and I’m sure the number is still way low. Curious to know.

  2. Well this is certainly a trick question to be interpreted by the judges themselves. Surely we know that women artists have served as the subjects of paintings as well and thus if a woman artist is inside the book as the muse and/or theme for a work of art then she must be included. Ha… these things always stump me in the semantics stage of deciding how I should perceive the values and qualitative analysis alone. So I will guess a whopping 135 give or take 11… good enough?? I hope so…

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