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NMWA’s summer issue of Women in the Arts, free to members and NMWA visitors, is a great resource for information about the museum, recent events, and current exhibitions. On the cover, Jaune Quick-to-see-Smith’s Modern Times (1993) is currently on view in Pressing Ideas: Fifty Years of Women’s Lithographs from Tamarind (on view through October 2). Quick-to-see-Smith is one of the many significant women artists who have gone to Albuquerque, New Mexico, to learn the medium of lithography from the Tamarind Institute’s master printers.

Pressing Ideas also includes lithographs—reflecting a huge variety of genres and styles—from Kiki Smith, Dorothy Dehner, Margo Humphrey, Fay Ku, Polly Apfelbaum, and Diane Reyna. The Tamarind Institute has revived lithography as a medium; it was founded by the recently deceased artist June Wayne, whose “Dorothy Series,” 1975–79, was featured at NMWA in 2010. This exhibition showcases more than 70 of most impressive, creative lithographs created at the institute over the past five decades.

Image of the Guerrilla Girls, Horror on the National Mall!, 2007

Guerrilla Girls, Horror on the National Mall!, 2007; (c) Guerrilla Girls

Also featured in the summer issue, the current Guerrilla Girls exhibition, The Guerrilla Girls Talk Back (on view through October 2) was organized from two portfolios of posters, postcards, newsletters, stickers, and other objects that were donated to the museum by Steven Scott. Kathryn A. Wat, NMWA’s curator of modern and contemporary art, says that this dynamic presentation of the anonymous artist-activists’ work “illustrates the Girls’s mission to ‘make trouble’ in order to promote social change.” As Wat describes, the Girls have provoked substantive changes within the art world, but they are determined to continue shedding light on bias and discrimination: “Wielding facts, fake fur, and a ferocious commitment to exposing injustice, they fight on to promote inclusiveness in our global community.”

Susan Swartz: Seasons of the Soul at NMWA

Susan Swartz: Seasons of the Soul at NMWA

NMWA’s third special exhibition, Susan Swartz: Seasons of the Soul (on view through October 2), is highlighted through an interview: Raphael Fitzgerald, curator of exhibitions, queries Susan Swartz about her artwork, her career, and the personal stories that motivated her to feel so passionately about environmental activism. As Swartz says, “If I can make people pause and see what is real during this busy age when we all hurry through our lives, if I could make people see the unsentimental beauty of nature for one moment, then I will have met my goal. Nature is what sustains us. We seem to have forgotten this truth.”

Gail Levin, author of Lee Krasner: A Biography, discusses the book at NMWA

Gail Levin, author of Lee Krasner: A Biography, discusses the book at NMWA

In another interview in this season’s Women in the Arts, Chief Curator Jordana Pomeroy speaks with Gail Levin, the author of the first full-length biography of Lee Krasner. Levin, who visited NMWA in the spring to discuss her book, describes, “I met Krasner when I was a 22-year-old graduate student in art history, and, as our relationship developed, had the chance not only to interview her about Jackson Pollock and herself, but also to ask her questions that a young woman might ask a mentor. I asked Krasner a lot of personal questions and she discussed some things with me that she rarely talked about with anyone else.”

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—Elizabeth Lynch is the editor at the National Museum of Women in the Arts