Film Screening of "No Impact Man" in conjunction with Susan Swartz exhibition

Colin Beavan with his daughter

Colin Beavan with his daughter

Join NMWA on October 2, at 2 p.m. for No Impact Man, a documentary that follows Colin Beavan and his family as they make a one year vow to live as sustainably as possible. 

The story focuses on Beavan, a writer who takes his own word of advice on green living and decides to move his wife and two-year-old daughter off the New York City grid. Electrical, that is. Biking to work, apartment-sized composts, and a bathtub-turned-laundry machine become the main focus of their wild endeavor to live with as little possible impact on the environment.  Watch as they navigate life with no electricity, no elevators, no cars, and no buses, all with a young daughter, and all her baby gear, in tow.

While Beavan enjoys the hardships that his endeavor brings, wife Michelle Conlin feels the bumps in the road, especially as she manages working in the “real” world, one that favors a little makeup and perfume with its laptop computers.  Together, the family learns to appreciate the minute details that impact them in a big way.  No television means extra time with their daughter and laundry becomes a new form of entertainment. 

This funny and provocative documentary questions consumer culture and shows the easy changes that everyone can make to be a little greener.  No Impact Man is presented in conjunction with the exhibition Susan Swartz: Seasons of the Soul. Join us as Diana Lady Dougan introduces the pre-screening speaker, Producer Eden Wurmfeld. Both will participate in a post-screening discussion.

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